Pain Treatments

Treatments Are Tailored To Your Personal Needs

We are not a “one size fits all” practice. At your first appointment with us, we’ll talk to you about your health, pain symptoms and severity and what your goals are to reduce your pain and return to a more active lifestyle. Collaboratively our goal is to work with patients to improve and maintain their functional independence and quality of life by managing musculoskeletal pain and other chronic pain in a multidisciplinary manner.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Depending on what is causing your pain, we may begin by including physical therapy, occupational therapy and assistive devices. We also look at other options including EMG studies to learn more about what may be causing your nerve pain, joint injections and trigger point injections. We also offer Botox for spasticity and migraines. We are not a prescription based pain management practice.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Minimizing Opioids and Pain Medications For Musculoskeletal Problems

We recognize some patients may need to continue pain medication even after trying conservative and interventional treatments. Dr. Rakesh Patel works with patients 18+ to help them manage their use of opioids as part of their overall chronic pain treatment plan.  We encourage the minimum opioid doses necessary to aide in improving the patient’s pain and restore function. He does not provide substance abuse treatment including Suboxone and Methadone maintenance management. Dr. Patel works closely with his partners Dr. Scott Taylor and Dr. Andrew Davisson to determine if there are interventional pain treatments that could benefit his patients. A referral to see Dr. Patel is needed from a Henry Community Health physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.