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Our Practice

Our patients come from across eastern Indiana including Richmond, Muncie, New Castle, Connersville, Rushville, Cambridge City, Winchester and Hagerstown. We treat patients to help minimize reliance on pain medication and to prevent, reduce, or relieve pain. We also help restore function as much as possible if you have suffered an illness or injury.

New Procedure Can Provide Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Relief

Do you have leg and back pain? Are epidural steroid injections not working? Do you want a more active lifestyle? Vertiflex® treats the cause of leg and back pain not just the symptoms. It is placed between the narrowed vertebrae holding them open to relieve pressure on the nerves in your spinal canal.

DRG Therapy Can Be Life Changing For Chronic Nerve Pain

Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation (DRG) is used for difficult-to-treat chronic pain for patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD).  It also treats isolated chronic pain that could occur in the hip, knee, foot, or groin following an injury or surgical procedure and grow worse over time. This unique neurostimulation directly targets the area of the body where your pain occurs.

BOTOX® Helps Ease Migraines and Spasticity

BOTOX® helps patients with chronic migraines of more than 15 days per month with headaches lasting 4 hours a day or longer. It also can help patients with upper or lower limb spasticity whose muscles stiffen or tighten.

Helping Reduce or Relieve Pain and Restore Function

We provide care to improve your quality of life by focusing on reducing or relieving pain using a variety of non-surgical treatments including physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistive devices and minimally invasive surgical procedures. We are not a prescription based pain management practice and we minimize reliance on pain medications. Some of our patients have short-term work or sports injuries while others have long-term health problems causing them pain.