Try It Out First

One of the benefits of the DRG neurostimulation system is you can be fitted with a temporary device for 7-10 days that works like an implanted system but can be removed. This allows you to determine its effectiveness for your pain prior to undergoing a permanent implant.

During your short outpatient procedure, Dr. Taylor will:

  • Implant a few small, thin leads near your DRG.
  • Attach the leads to a temporary generator that you can wear outside of your clothing or on your belt.
  • Ask you to provide feedback on where you feel stimulation.

Afterwards, you will be trained to use the device and find the settings that best treat your pain. While you wear the temporary system you will be asked to limit physical activities that involve lifting, bending, twisting or raising your arms above your head. Otherwise, you will be able to resume daily living.