What Is DRG?

The Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) nerve cluster acts like a traffic light, regulating signals and sensations as they travel to the brain. Stimulation of the DRG can actually modify these signals resulting in the reduction of pain.

For patients with pain that is limited to a specific area of the body, DRG therapy often works where other treatments may not or provide partial relief. This is because the DRG corresponds to specific anatomical locations in the body and relays information, such as pain signals, to the brain.

The DRG Neurostimulator System Consists of Three Components

Generator Icon

The Generator


a small device that sends out mild electrical pulses, which contains a battery. This is implanted in your body.

Lead Icon

The Leads


thin insulated wires that carry the electrical pulses from the generator to your dorsal root ganglia. These are placed in your body in the area of the DRG.

Controller Icon

The Patient Controller


a handheld “remote control” that allows you to adjust the strength and location of stimulation or even turn stimulation off.

Placement of DRG system is similar to that of other neurostimulation devices.

Description of the Material: Axium™ neurostimulator system (Illustrations from 15320 DRG Patient Brochure (SJM¬AXM¬0915¬0012) Illustrations on Pages 2 and 5)